Art can be a business

Sharing a passion

“It was the first time funders had taken me seriously.” Successful artist Susan Faux had started exhibiting at major exhibitions and doing bespoke commissions, when she lost her sight for a year. Although she’d been running art workshops since she was 19, it was the start of a new business offering programmes for toddlers, teens and the mature! Covering everything from fine art, ceramics and other media. 

The business has been run from the local leisure centre, a portacabin and finally a shop in Pewsey. However, the lease on the shop proved problematic, and coincided with the business expanding. With very little time, they had to find a suitable place, organize the move, and importantly, organize the finances. And that’s where Freddies helped. 

The business, which was originally started with just £10, was a proven and successful business model, and Susan’s drive and talent had got Faux Arts to the point where they had no choice but to expand if they were to keep up with client demand. But despite all this, the banks did not want to know, and Susan felt very much that they saw an arts business as a “labour of love” rather than a sound business. “I have four kids and a family to support,” says Susan, “it has always needed to be more than that!”

Fredericks were happy to help and Susan was delighted. It meant that she didn’t have to take the first three months rent of the new premises out of the first month’s takings. She has been able to develop the services, and the business is more secure – in fact, the numbers have increased by around 25% in the very first month, with numbers continuing to increase. She employs 2 part-time staff and a Saturday assistant, and is now considering taking on an apprentice. She has plans to expand and would like to offer licensed Faux Arts projects for other practitioners.  

Other Case Studies

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Creating new business from old

Monica was rejected for a loan by HSBC in 2012 because she hadn’t been with them for long enough, she described her experience with Fredericks as “approachable, supportive and exciting”.

Carissa has been in business for three years having trained as a screen print designer.  Her passion for her product is summed up in her own words, “I Love Print, I love craft materials – I want to make this my business”.

Trinca-Ferro offers all those items needed for the special finishing touches to make a house really charming and well designed with products such as knobs, racks, mirrors, lamps, watering cans, plate racks and other general utilities.

Fredericks London supports new football magazine. Michael Da Silva is a 28 year old reporter and freelance journalist working for BBC Sport Online, Euro sport and Southwark News.

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"Living the dream" Funding from Fredericks Gloucester has meant that this mother and daughter team can set up their hair and beauty salon.

Now providing for all your landscaping needs, from small repairs to full design and construction, after receiving a loan from Fredericks South East.

A £4000 loan in early 2009 allowed Kelly to buy her own liveried van and really get Anneli Dance on the road.

A £20,000 loan to aid short-term cash-flow means Sky Gardens can continue to flourish.

Awarded a £2,600 loan in May 2010 Peter is making Swindon a tidier place.