Sandra Whittaker, Chanlew Beauty Studios

Loan Recipient, Fredericks South East

Sandra is looking to provide a range of beauty treatments for men and women. To keep overheads down she will start by trading from home in a converted bedroom.

Sandra did own and run a similar business until September 2008. Like her current plan she built it up working from home and expanded taking on a shop and staff in Binfield where she was based for four years. Unfortunately when the economic conditions changed her turnover dropped drastically and soon her overheads exceeded her income. It was a hard decision for her but she had to close the business.

She has since been unemployed, during this period she looked for work in other beauty salons but they were also cutting their costs. Sandra even tried to return to her old job in recruitment but was told she had been self employed for too long.

When she closed her previous business Sandra was unable to retrench and work from home as she had relatives living with her. This situation has now changed and Sandra wants to start again using all the skills that she has continued to build even though she was unemployed.

Having experienced the hard times she is looking to start small. She has a number of clients who are very willing to come back to her. This will hopefully give her business the solid base from which to grow.