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Naomi Perkins – Taking a Creative Grip on a New Business

Naomi Perkins is no ordinary individual. Behind the fun-loving, well travelled and intrepid young entrepreneur lurks a highly focussed person determined to be responsible for her own life – and enjoy it. Her “can do” attitude shines out in everything she says and does.

After extensive world travel and working in other peoples’ businesses she decided to set up her own. The big decision was, what business? Her decision came after what she described as “a long period of reflection” on what her strengths were, what was fun and what contacts and support she could count on. By coincidence at around that time of reflection an iconic local building at 67, Bridge Street, Banbury became available as a café. And quickly the idea for Naomi’s Café Bar – Art and More was created; an unusual blend of art centre, meeting point and café. Additionally, through previous operational and management experience in a telemarketing company, she decided to start a marketing services business on the top floor of the building. Fredericks gave her a loan after her business plan was approved by its Loan Panel. Jayne Ozanne, Fredericks Client Manager in Oxfordshire said the plan was “creative, realistic and very well thought through”.  

At this point Naomi started to call upon her skills, natural aptitude and her support team! Her partner offered financial support, her Mum offered essential book-keeping support and a small army of friends and relatives found themselves with paint brushes and other building materials in hand creating the type of environment conducive to a relaxed and trendy place where customers feel welcome. Help has also come from unsuspecting places such as the building of the website by Wayne Roberts ( ) a friend of a member of staff in waiting.

The biggest challenge she faced has been squeezing enough hours in the day to implement the marketing services contacts she has won with the need to ensure the refurbishment of number 67 went to plan and on time for the big launch day. The official opening was in mid-September and all went very well. Members of Fredericks Loan Panel who offered her the money to invest in getting the enterprise up and running were there to celebrate with Naomi! What a party!

When asked what she wanted for the world her answer was immediate:
 “A more human [orientation], to get in touch with [our] feelings and to take responsibility for [our] lives – to get a grip on life and not [simply respond to what is happening in the world.]” Naomi’s new business is a perfect example of her take on life.

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