Monica Franke, Clinic on the Green in Bletchingdon

"it's great for osteopaths to have bad backs sometimes!"

Health and wellbeing have always been part of Monica Franke’s life. Her father was a pharmacist, her mother a nurse, her degree in osteopathy, her career in osteopathy, sporting performance and Pilates.

So she starts her business already qualified and experienced in the health industry. Her philosophy is that health care is about individual patients and listening to their perceptions of themselves and their needs, informing them of options and enabling them to choose. This is why she is planning to offer a wide range of services in the Clinic on the Green in Bletchingdon. The Clinic’s services will include sports massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, osteopathy, nutrition and cranial osteopathy. She also plans to run an ongoing series of events to inform potential patients about what each discipline offers.

She speaks with great passion and clarity about her business not just as a commercial operation but also as a contribution to her community. To this end, part of her longer-term plan is to create a rehab unit at the Clinic.

Rejected for a loan by HSBC in 2012 because she hadn’t been with them for long enough, she described her experience with Fredericks as “approachable, supportive and exciting”. She commented that Fredericks was very clear about what they expected from her and what she could expect from Fredericks; this was important as it gave her a deal of confidence during the loan panel (Dragons Den) stage of her application;  to the extent she “almost enjoyed it!”

Monica is an excellent communicator and listener. She is driven by the need to communicate clearly and in managing others expectations. She also displays empathy; for example, she commented that, “it it great for osteopaths to have bad backs sometimes!”

With her personal skills, work experience and excellent business model, she has every chance of running a great business.

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