James Elliott, Aspiring Landscapes Ltd

Loan recipient Fredericks South East

After leaving school James worked in landscaping. He left his first job to take up an apprenticeship with Taylor Woodrow. Having completed this James continued to get varied and valuable experience through a number of employers. He offers a comprehensive service in garden design, planting, lawns, fencing and patios.

Unfortunately James was made redundant late last year. However this only served to focus his mind on setting up his own business using the expertise and knowledge gained over the last few years.

He will target both the commercial and private market and has a number of ideas on how to develop his business. He has a well presented web site and links to a number of others. Having the company logo printed on T shirts has helped to advertise the company. James also hopes that the many contacts made over the last few years in the construction and landscaping industry, will lead to work on a sub contract basis.

James already has a detailed portfolio of completed work and testimonials from existing clients this will develop as further jobs allow.