New Football publication

Michael Da Silva is a 28 year old reporter and freelance journalist working for BBC Sport Online, Euro sport and Southwark News. Following graduation and his further journalism training he has worked with a number of publications as a journalist, content manager and in communications.

With the relatively fickle status of freelance journalism, Michael made the decision to found Rabona magazine as a business, something he has had as a ‘passion’ and vision for a while.  Rabona is an independent football magazine he would like to launch in 2013. It will showcase exclusive features written by top football writers.
Michael recognised a gap in the market of creating and publishing an independent football magazine that has a lifestyle twist’.
He has utilised his expertise and skills as a journalist and is developing this business idea already attracting interest and commitment from well-known and experienced football/sports journalists and a photographer.

Michael’s intention is to establish an independent print football magazine utilising his experience and skills as a freelance journalist and reporter.  The magazine will be a free publication (print and online) with revenue generated from advertising, sales through promotion and online sales of goods advertised.  Michael  has secured the commitment from of a number of sponsors in support of the launch of this magazine, including well-respected football writers in the UK and those writing for European football.

The magazine is named after a particular skilled kick in football – the Rabona, which has immediately piqued interest.

This is an exciting project, which has potential for great success as concept trusting in print but using online media to promote and market the magazine.

The magazine has an attractive lifestyle element – for example high-end fashion but also other interests of the football fan.

Michael successfully presented to a Lending Panel in 2013.  The panel enthusiastically supported the Rabona magazine and plan.  Michael was award twice the amount requested and matched with a highly experience business mentor.

Michael described this experience as ‘an amazing opportunity’ – and expressed his appreciation for process of due diligence, finance support and mentoring and was particularly for the motivation he gained to achieve his goals. With the support of his mentor, Michael intends to launch Rabona at the start of the 2013/2014 football season. 

Other Case Studies

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