Derek Brown, Road2Race

Derek trained as a mechanic in Oxford where he completed his apprenticeship. He then moved to Honda and went to work with their touring car working team. He worked his way up to running their No.2 car team.

When the credit crunch hit the team was cut and Derek was without a job. He was unable to get full time employment so has worked part time for B&Q since first in the warehouse and now showroom.

Derek has been a motorcyclist since his teenage years. With his expertise he has worked with Mat Whitman within his British super bikes team setting up the bike for races.


Derek wants to convert people’s motorcycles to their team racing colours. He will import the relevant fairing and fit them to his customer’s bike. Whilst working with Matt, Derek was able to go around all the championship circuits to market research his idea. Over the year he spoke to 3,000 people and their feedback convinced him that he had a viable idea. 

Before Conversion
After Conversion